Graham Berry is an official vexatious litigant who was suspended from practicing law for offenses committed in his frivolous and harassing litigation. Berry takes on clients and advocates and fights for individuals who, like him, are out to harm through hate, lies and harassment—including convicted felons and a Nazi sympathizer.


Garry Scarff

An admitted serial perjurer Berry used to “manufacture lies”

The late Garry Scarff was a self-admitted serial perjurer, known for his readiness to “manufacture lies” about the Church of Scientology for Graham Berry.

Garry Scarff

Arnaldo Lerma

Nazi sympathizer who shot his wife was Berry’s “good friend”

The late Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma was an extremist militiaman, and one of the leaders of an anti-Scientology cyber-harassment group represented by Graham Berry starting in the mid-1990s.

Arnie Lerma

Brandon Reisdorf

Convicted for felony vandalism and threatened Church leader

Brandon Reisdorf is a twice-convicted anti-Scientologist from San Diego. In April 2016, after sending out a series of menacing emails and warning he was “packing heat (gun on waist),” he drove…

Brandon Reisdorf

Donald Myers

Convicted four times, assault and battery of Scientologists

Myers is an anti-Scientologist who has been repeatedly convicted and placed under restraining orders for his criminal acts against Scientologists in Southern California.

Donald Myers

Steven Fishman

Convicted felon who tried to frame the Church of Scientology

Steven Fishman, a twice-convicted felon and scammer, first went to prison after his arrest in 1988 for a $1 million scam involving class-action fraud.

Steven Fishman